SMF Viet - Easier way for Vietnamese people

SMF is stand for Simple Machine Forum, an open source code to build a free forum. I have created a version for Vietnamese people and want to share you all if you are interested.

Create a forum by your self is a increasing demand. With this code, you can do it completely free of charge. Let's have a look to see some images on how to install it with ease. If you prefer to download an English version, just go to download at:

Go to download source code of SMF

If you are Vietnamese people, please download this Vietnamese version:

Free download 

Now, start to install. Just unzip them all then upload to live host folder. Then open site by go to default:

Select your prefered language

Step 2, check the write permission of all files and folders:

Check attribute for files and folders

Please carefully choose files and folders you want to change attribute by click on right mouse, select CHMOD and tick in suitable boxes.

Select folders

CHMOD folders to 777 as below:

CHMOD folders to 777

Then do the same with files:

CHMOD folders

Click to re-check the write permission.

CHMOD refresh

And solve it.

Select CHMOD attribute.

Fill-in blank MySQL database that you must created the database before start SMF installation.

Setup Database

Set up some other things and optimization:

Optimize SMF

Populating data into database:


Create administrator account:

create admin account



Incase you did not tick on checkbox above, you will see this when login:

Security alert

How to do secure as alert:

Delete install script

The installation has finished and you can go to see your own forum without hacked, cracked, or doing any illegal action, and you don't need to pay any coin.


If you have already a forum, you may need a Vietnamese language version. Please download Vietnamese language package only for SMF 2.0.4 as below:

SMF Vietnam

Finally, SMF team and I have created and translated for your Forum, so we put an authority link at the end of your board. I think you can find and remove it with just a little knowledge of PHP, HTML but before do it, just read why you shouldn't ???