Why you should not remove backlink to my site?

I myself have created some articles in marketing and management majoring and modules for Joomla and SMF, I know you (especially Vietnamese people) really want to remove my link from my module on your site. That why I have allowed you having option to remove my backlink in admin control. But why you should not to remove my backlink.

The secret is: You put a link to my authority site will prove your good contribution to Search Engines and your site will be more trusted.

I see many people confusing this matter and trying even coding to remove the author’s link. In the opposite, author also try to encode to hide his link and don’t want the end user to remove it. People are doing in a wrong way.

The important of Authority links in SEO

You learned somewhere that back link from your site to other sites may reduce your PR (Page Rank)? This term may be true but what you will loose if you have started your site and it started at PR = 0, so why you need to remove my backlink if you think it will reduce your site's PR to lower? PR = 0 is lowest and can not be lower than PR0!

You have a site that has a little, not much but has, yes has a small PR = 2 So you are afraid of loosing it if you put my back link on? Not really, this term can be considered in the last paragraph I has shared below. You can see why CNN, BBC, VnExpress has a very high PR but they still can put your site’s link on their article if your site is relevant to their information giving to the readers. Your site just be ranked lower if your content about Joomla but your links is not about Joomla. The relevant term is concerned

You have some knowledge of SEO and know that you should reduce backlinks from your site and increase backlinks from other site to yours. This term has changed today, google have enough brain machine to understand how is your site. If your site is linked to and from trusted sites, it’s good for you. If your site is linked to and from un-trusted, porn or violen sites, your site rank will be reduced or even banned. This term means that it doesn’t depend on how many linked to your site, but how many trusted links to your site.

During removing my backlink from your site to my site, your site will not gain any benefit from this action but also facing to a matter of author’s spirit that you don’t like Free. The authors will stop creating any more frees and will charge you an amount of money. This time, if you do illegal action like removing author’s link or claim your property, you will face to law and penalty. On this term, it’s better to like, remain author’s site backlink, comment, and share it to encourage the author to create more free stuff for community then you will benefit from it as well.

My site is high authority links

Finally, my site has myself unique, copyright, informative content, Google authorship and Dmoz linked. All Search Engines indexed my site is authority site with trusted, informative and relevant content. So when you put a back link from your site to my site, actually it will boost your site up in front of Search Engines rather than my site. You can copy to use for any purpose but can not claim your own property when using information and resources from this site.